iC.A.R.E. Mentoring

Creating Authentic Relational Energy

Make a difference one hour, one day a week, for one school year.


Relationships.  Pure and Simple.

Our work isn't complicated.  Mentoring is about relationships.  Students need a caring, consistent adult role model in their lives.  We train and support mentors to spend one hour each week with a student, for at least one school year.  Most mentors choose to continue mentoring students after the first year.

  • I wanted at least one child to know this year that they are special, cared for, and that there is someone who wants to see them succeed.

    Brandy Vickers
  • A school is really nothing more than bricks. It's what you bring into it that matters.

    Andrew Ziccardi
  • In spite of the circumstances and bad starts, you have something to offer this world.  It's not how you start but how you finish.

    Officer Michael Gould, Sr.
  • Throughout my experience as a mentor, I have developed a great relationship with the students and have been able to actually observe a positive change in some of their behaviors.

    Marvin Grandison
  • Everyone in here is the product of a mentor. Someone at some point in our lives has stepped in and walked with us.

    Jonathan Greer

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We have three approaches to supporting youth success

iC.A.R.E. Mentoring

Adult volunteers provide one-to-one mentoring with students during the school day. We ask mentors to commit to one student, one hour each week, for one school year. Many mentors choose to mentor students for multiple years.

iC.A.R.E. Connect

One of the best ways to support teens in our community is to empower them. Through iCARE Connect, we train high school students to mentor younger students during the summer in small groups.

iC.A.R.E. Community

We are expanding the reach of iCARE through partnerships with established youth-serving programs. We provide training and technical support. In exchange, the iCARE model is reaching more students.


Become that one caring adult who can make all the difference.

Our Partners

Our Team

Jonathan Greer

Jonathan Greer

Founder and Leader

    Jonathan is a passionate advocate for youth in Akron. From neighborhood gatherings to group support programs, Jonathan has been at the heart of mentoring work for years.

    Andrew Ziccardi

    Andrew Ziccardi

    School Climate Coordinator

      Andrew is a school climate coordinator for Akron Public Schools, and has been working with iCARE since its inception. Mr. Z helps develop and deliver mentor training, and supports mentoring across the district.


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